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How energy emits from this thing?

Today i had a conversation with my friend about transplation of organs. We were thinking about the posibility in life, when I will have to make decision about it.

There was a question. Would I chose a new kidney if I had the option. Or would I chose a dead, because the uncle fate said so?

Now, when i sitting at home and nothing disturbing me and life is going and flying and singing like a bird, I would decide that I do not want a organ from other person even i sure do not want a kidney from a test tube.

But, and there is a big “but”. When I imagine that situation and reactions of every person on it. So many connections and relationships and their desire to have me in their lifes. I think if I would have the opportunity and under the power of circumstances I chose for a new organ.

Then I would realize that I have a strong attachment to this life and when such occasion came and I can do more great things in my life, from deep of my mind a thought is coming - It should be so. 

It would be very helpful to have a honest talk with a person who had this kind of operation and ask her or him about life with no-original organ.

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